A Painfully Funny Book.

"...as I speed along the two-lane blacktop lined with joshua trees, I open my sun roof, crank up a live version of Take Five and think that, as far as women are concerned, I finally did something right."

Welcome to the Internet home of Steve Robinson, author/storyteller; former professional card dealer; and card-carrying member of the Procrastinators Club of America. Also: explorer, philanthropist and humanitarian--all on a hugely limited scale.

I've self-published a book. Self-publishing means self-promotion, and, as Dubya is wont to say, "It's hard work." All the kids said the Internet would be a help, so here we are. This future-of-the-art website contains TX5 homeopathic virtural-reality logistics; interactive duo-podcastic audiomatronics; 24-hour streaming HD videomatrix interfacing; a laser-enhanced, digital-motion-capture Ann Coulter dartboard; and a wet bar. 17 lives were lost during construction, which cost over $2.1 million. Yet membership is free; and non-existent.

There's (also) a part about me; a part about my book; samples of the book; how to buy the book; a super-fun, click-and-something-happens list of celebrities (!) mentioned in the book (!!); links to other creative types I know and/or like; contact information (God forbid); and a place where I'm to periodically keep in touch with periodic observations and thoughts. Won't that be fun? Yes, it will.

For now, let's start by concentrating on spreading the word about my book, so someone will buy the movie rights so I can afford health insurance.


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